Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Animal I've Never Seen Pooping Before

It's true! Everyone poops! So many animals on this planet and all of them poop. I suddenly realized though, that I had never seen the poop of the vast majority of the animals on this great planet. How sad.

So, with several hours to kill, I set out on a poop-vid-spedition and found 30 animals that I have never seen dropping a big dump before!

This is definitely a visual treat, so I hope you've eaten all of your dinner hours ago because otherwise you might not be able to handle it! Warning: Some are kinda gross. Some = all. All = poop.


Videos after the jump so as to not make anyone sick...

1. Otter!
(with recycling action!)

2. Tiger!
(with supportive commentary!)

3. Panda!

4. Snake!
(this one's pretty... birthy)

5. Alligator!

6. Bear!
(with rapid fire action!)

7. Buffalo!
(he looks embarrassed!)

8. Shark!

9. King of the Jungle!
(with dingleberry!)

10. Tortoise!

11. Beluga Whale!
(with handy coutndown!)

12. Bald Eagle!
(so far!)

13. Armadillo!
(poop doesn't come until the 2:20 mark)

14. Iguana!
(with farts!)

15. Hippo!
(brown cloud explosion!)

16. Frog!
(super gross and with NSFW language!)

17. Kangaroo!
(seriously the tiniest poops ever!)

18. Beaver!
(much more solid than I thought)

20. Dolphin!

2. Moose!
(with machine gun like speed!)

22. Great Horned Owl!
(and a pellet cough too!)

23. Peacock!

24. Big Starfish!

25. Alpaca!

26. Penguin!
(he's a squirter!)

27. Tucan!

28. Giraffe!
(girl knows her cereal!)

29. Sea Turtle!

30. Ostrich!
("that one, ohmygod, took a big dump!")

****BONUS**** 31. Ornate Horned Pacman Frog! I know it's another frog, but GOOD LORD
(it's like half the size of the frog!)

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